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Ethics & Compliance


The District Council is committed to establishing an organization-wide culture that values and expects the highest level of personal integrity and ethical conduct from each of its elected officers, employees and representatives.  The Compliance Program adopted by the District Council has been designed to meet this goal and consists of four fundamental elements:


  • Policies, procedures and rules that establish behavioral and performance expectations;
  • Training to ensure that all officers, employees and representatives understand the rules and level of
  • conduct  required of them;
  • Avenues to report concerns and seek guidance; and
  • Full and fair investigations and disciplinary procedures.


A Code of Ethics been adopted to help guide District Council officers, employees, and representatives in their day-to-day decision making and conduct.  The Code reinforces the District Council’s absolute commitment to establishing and embedding a culture that values and expects integrity and ethical conduct from all of its representatives and from every individual and organization with whom the District Council conducts business.  Links to the Code of Ethics and other important rules, policies and procedures of the District Council can be found on this website.

Without exception, all District Council officers, employees and representatives are required to follow the rules, to act ethically and to remember that all of their actions must be for the benefit of the District Council and its members.

Any questions, concerns or recommendations concerning the District Councils rules, policies or procedures can be addressed to:



Josh Leicht                                                     Scott C. Danielson

Chief Compliance Officer                              Deputy Chief Compliance Officer

(212) 366-7236                                               (212) 366-3361; 855-UBC-TIPS

JLeicht@NYCDistrictCouncil.org                 SDanielson@nycdcigoffice.org


All are reminded that the District Council will not take or tolerate any retaliatory action taken against an individual who makes a good faith report of actual or suspected misconduct.


Links to:


UBC Constitution

DC By Laws

DC Code of Ethics

DC Trial Procedures

Shop Steward Code of Conduct

DC Shop Steward Review procedures

Compliance Committee Members, Contact Numbers and Charter

Trustee Policies and Procedures

Audit Committee Charter

Grievance Procedures

Out of Work List Rules

Consent Order

Stipulation and Order

EST Pro Tem Commitment of Service


We like to Thank all The Delegates that served on the board for all your hard work and dedication.

Nominations were held on May 21 2013— The Following members ran unopposed.

Congratulations to the Delegates to the Council

Salvatore Tagliaferro

Martin Tuozzo

Joseph Albanese

Joseph DiNapoli

Danny Dunbar

Edward Johnson

Glenford Smart

Scott Seltzer

Executive Committee Member

Joseph Sabatino


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Carpenters Assistance Program is offering guidence and assistance to our members caused by Hurrican Sandy  please contact (212) 366-3360



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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Working Dues and Working Assessments

New Job Refferal Rule Changes Effective August 13 2012


Important Regarding Dues Paymets and or Working Dues Assessments: It is Very Important to pay exactly what is required no less or no more.