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New Ways to Stay Connected and Become Part of the Discussion

The NYCDCC has launched some new and exciting ways to better communicate with you and for you to communicate amongst each other on issues related to the District Council.

This is the first E Newsletter that the DC will be sending out on a weekly basis. It will provide announcements from various council departments concerning the council and the membership. If you know of a member who hasn’t provided us with an email address, please have them contact us ASAP to sign up.

The District Council has also launched a first-ever “Comment Section” that is attached to every Member News item (see below). The comment section is meant to give members a chance to weigh in on the news, events and key issues at the Council. Here’s your chance to share your thoughts and opinions with us and your fellow union brothers and sisters. Simply follow the instructions and the District Council’s Terms of Use to sign up and become part of the discussion!

We are also using the latest technologies to reach out to members via their emails, cell phones and home phones. Members who provide us with their contact information can expect to receive robocalls, emails and texts from us from time to time. Expect to receive information such as the latest picket lines, contract vote dates or when a raise will go into effect.  In order to utilize this method of communication, please reply “OK” to any incoming text messages from the “NYCarpenters”.

The DC is doing whatever it takes to keep its membership informed and to remain transparent. Look for additional communications tools in the coming months. And of course, always check the website for the latest information.



News from the Out of Work List

Effective October 31, 2013, as per section 9 of the Job Referral policy – A carpenter is responsible for maintaining any certification that may expire with the passage
time, such as CPR, NYS-DOL Laser Safety Training. The Job Referral office does not maintain or track this information.

(A)          If a member has allowed their skill certification(s) to expire, that certification(s) will go into a dormant status for up to 60 days to allow them to be recertified. Once this skill certification(s) is recertified, it is the member’s responsibility to notify the Out of Work List to ensure that it has been updated. If the expired certification(s) are not updated with the Out of Work List within the allotted time, the certification(s) will automatically be removed from the member’s skill profile at the Out of Work List.

Please feel free to contact the Out of Work list if you have any additional concerns or questions


New Operation Watchdog for the Inspector General’s office

I am very pleased to announce the launch of Operation Watchdog. We can all take this opportunity to unite in the fight against corruption. We have unleashed the most comprehensive Anti-Corruption fighting system in this Union’s history. Each member now has the power to check his/her hours as well as those of other members working on the same jobsite in real time on a daily basis by having the ability to view the hours posted by the jobsite Shop Steward.  Members will also have the ability to check on the crew size that the Shop Steward reports daily.

As a part of this program, the Office of the Inspector General has deployed a team of Jobsite Integrity Inspectors.  This action team, composed of retired carpenters, was developed with the intention of having a highly visible presence in the field in order to identify and deter any possible wrongdoing or corruption on the jobsites within the jurisdiction of the District Council and will work with the current staff of investigators and administrators from the Office of the Inspector General.  These Inspectors have the Time, Energy, and Commitment (T.E.C.) necessary to represent and assist the District Council in our goal of combating corruption.

In continuing with the ongoing efforts of this District Council to combat and deter corruption, the leadership and delegates of this District Council have added strong language to the Collective Bargaining Agreements in order to ensure compliance with this program.

Any member will have the ability to check their work hours and those of other members on the jobsite as well as the crew size reported daily on the internet in the privacy of his or her own homes.  If members suspect any wrongdoing, they will have the ability to send an e-mail directly to the Office of the Inspector General with the click of a button.  They also have the option of calling the NYC District Council of Carpenters Inspector General Hotline, (855)- UBC-TIPS, or the Review Officer’s Anti-Corruption Hotline, 877-712-4896. A flyer was been created with instructions for this process.

This new initiative will aid in our continuing effort to eradicate corruption from our Union.  By working together, we can secure a better tomorrow.  See attachment


Scott C. Danielson

Inspector General



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