Nominations for Executive Board Were Held May 16,2023, the Following Ran Unopposed and Won;

Andrew A Monje- President

David Stewart- Vice President

Anthony Belisario-Recording Secretary

Vincent Alaimo- Financial Secretary

Jermaine Burton- Warden

Peter Gancitano- Conductor

Melissa Brown- Treasurer

Conor Rogers- Trustee

Christian Perez- Trustee

Robert Elias- Trustee



Elections for 10 Delegates Were Held June 21,2022, the Following Delegates Ran and Won;

Delegates 926

Andrew A Monje

Anthony Belisario

Miguel Martinez

Michael Teta

Nicky Morello

Michael Grogul

Tyrone Ellis

Shaun Campbell

David Stewart

Ling- Mei Garcia


Election Results 6/21/2022;

Final Count Election Ballot 6-22-2022



Nominations Were Held May 17,2022 For Executive Committee Member & Trial Committee Members, Newly Appointed Committee Members Ran Unopposed:

Executive Committee Member- Martin Tuozzo

Trial Committee Members;

Tyrone Ellis

Matthew Hohmann

Nominated & Elected 10/18/2022

Eduart Lisi- Trial Committee Member